iPad Repair

iPad Repair

iPad Repair New York City

What can we say! We Fix It All.  Best of all, most in the same day.  

iGeneration® offers the best possible solutions for iPad Repair in New York City.  With our addiction for iProducts,  you as consumers have other options besides buying new.  Our iPad Repair service list comes with a wide variety of solutions to keep you up on track with your social media lives.  With Budgeting in mind, iGeneration® gives you a fast, reliable and affordable solutions for your iPad Repair.

Being in the Repair Service industry since 2006, iGeneration has built a reputation so highly sought-after, that the expansion and growth of iGeneration® has spread From New jersey, Florida and New York City.  Our Technicians are fully trained and certified through our very own repair training school to ensure every iPad repair issue is able to be covers

iPad Repair 

We Repair:

iPad 1

iPad 2

iPad 3

iPad 4 Retina Display

iPad mini

iPad Repair Specialist

    We Repair

  • Touch Screen Digitizer
  • LCD Replacement
  • Water Damage Treatment
  • Battery Power Loss
  • Charging Port | Power Button
  • Headphone Jack | Volume Flex
  • Speakers and Mic
  • Onboard Components
  • Vibrators | Earpieces
  • Signal Loss (3G Models)

iPad Mini Repair 

The iPad mini has yet again set a milestone for Apple®.  Slim, Sleek and Yet Complex with Components, The Apple® iPad mini has the hardest touch screen digitizer to replace since the release of the first iPad 1.  Many repair shops offer this repair service for a premium price upwards of $159-$189.   Where iGeneration Can offer the lowest price on the iPad Mini Repair for Just $129. Come visit us today.

iPad Repair New York City

The Apple iPad has revolutionized how we surf and communicate online today.  iGeneration covers any iPad Repair, we can repair any issues you might come across.  Whether a Broken Touch Screen Replacement, Water Damage or even damaged camera to be replaced.  We can repair and issue any problem guaranteed!

If your in New York City and have a iPad 2, 3, 4 or iPad mini issue, come visit our Midtown Manhattan location.  One of our Authorized Repair Tech’s can take care of your iPad Repair issue in 2 hours or less


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