iPad Repair

iPad Repair


Oh, the joys and woes that come with owning an iPad. On one hand, they’re our professional & personal toys. And on the other hand, our toys get broken easily, but unlike a Rubik’s Cube, we can’t easily just go to the store and get another one. That is why iProductFix is here. We are your problem solvers.

We carefully take apart any iPad and replace what needs to be replaced and repair what needs to be repaired. We encounter a lot of cracked glasses and while most shops will dismantle an iPad as quickly as possible, a lot of parts tend to get damaged in the process. Wires get damaged, connections get severed, time is lost, sanity is broken (we’ve seen it happen, trust us, it’s not pretty.)

Still, we can get any iPad fixed within the hour. It will not matter if it’s the screen, the charging port or some button, we get it done, with care and precision. So don’t take your iPad to someone who might cause more problems in the long haul. Bring your devices to iProductFix.


iPad Repair:

iPad Air

iPad Mini

iPad 4

iPad 3

iPad 2


    We Repair

  • Touch Screen Digitizer
  • LCD Replacement
  • Water Damage Treatment
  • Battery Power Loss
  • Charging Port | Power
  • Headphone Jack | Volume
  • Speakers and Mic
  • Onboard Components
  • Vibrators | Earpieces
  • Signal Loss

iPad Mini Repair 

The iPad mini has yet again set a milestone for Apple®.  Slim, Sleek and Yet Complex with Components, The Apple® iPad mini has the hardest touch screen digitizer to replace since the release of the first iPad 1.  Many repair shops offer this repair service for a premium price but at iProduct Fix we can still offer the lowest prices with the fastest turnaround. Just come visit us today.

 The Apple iPad has revolutionized how we surf and communicate online today. iProduct Fix covers any iPad Repair, we can repair any issues you might come across.  Whether a broken touch screen replacement, water damage or even damaged camera to be replaced.  We can repair and issue any problem guaranteed!

iProduct Fix

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